Alternative Web Design

I miss 2000s-era web design. I still use internet forums. Enter: Alternadiv. Aka, alt⟨div⟩.

Welcome to my little collection of peculiar website designs and other web development shenanigans, primarily in the form of custom styles and add-ons for XenForo.


My work is inspired by, what I believe was the era of peak web design: the 2000s. Websites were fun, personable, memorable; deployed with chaotic HTML written by the "Webmaster" - that type of vibe.

This stuff is probably (and understandably) not worth a wise dev's time.

Simple and speedy

I appreciate a clean, lightweight website, putting the literature in focus. Less can be more. But this is rare nowadays; modern websites tend to feel bloated.

The good news? Alternadiv isn't the norm.


I'm newer to CSS, therefore most of my initial work is the result of learning by trial and server error. For that reason, my styles are free to use (if you're feeling dangerous).

Please do send suggestions and bug reports. Practice makes PageSpeed scores!

Hello, World!


I'm Tyler, the Webmaster here.

I'm a retired US Marine with chronic back pain a chronic interest in "old school" web design, message boards (forums), and general web development.

Those interests originally began in 2005. However, when I later joined the Marine Corps, I inadvertently filed them straight into my archive of Overzealous Hobby Ideas To Be Forever Forgotten. Or so I thought at the time.

Today, about seventeen years and chronic back pain later, my own nostalgia dug deep and extracted a little bit of ⟨div⟩-this and ⟨/div⟩-that right back outta my OHITBFF archive. I'm absolutely stoked to be back and teaching myself more advanced HTML/CSS, alongside a few other web dev areas.

Hopefully, I'll level up my skills in 2022 and you'll want me to make your site look different.

If you'd like, read more about me or more about Thanks for visiting my page! 🖤