About Alternadiv

About Alternadiv

Alternadiv's homepage is ready to be shared at XenForo for initial feedback

A lot of small tweaks were made to the homepage over the last 24 hours. I wanted to feel like I have a solid foundation going, before asking for suggestions. I probably (definitely) spent waaaay too much time changing values that no one but me would ever notice.

Most of my code is still messy (the irony) but I'll tidy that up when I stop making 100 tiny changes every hour.
Alternadiv.com is created! well, kind of...

It's worth noting I created a XF test environment in November 2020, which I intended to use for this same type of website. I did tinker with that site for a while but it was eventually scrapped and ultimately recreated as Alternadiv in January 2022.

In other words, this has been a side project of mine--in some capacity--for over a year already.

We'll just stick with January 2022 to mark the beginning of wherever I'm headed with this.